The Piza Prize is based on a to-and-fro between France and Brazil: one year, a French artist leaves for a month in São Paulo; the following year, a Brazilian laureate is invited to spend a month in Paris.

Clelia and Arthur Luiz wanted there to be no restrictions of age or of any other type. The prize is thus open to all artists, whether their mode of expression is painting, sculpture, engraving, video, drawing, installations, etc. Only the artistic quality and the artist’s interest in discovering the culture of the other matter.

The prize consists of a return ticket Paris-São Paulo, the allocation of a per diem, and room accommodation for a period of a month ; the departure date is left to the appreciation of the artist, for as long as it takes place during the year following the attribution.

The terms of the stay are left to the discretion of each laureate : visiting museums or wandering the streets, dedicated to making contact in the cultural circles of the city or to a solo immersion, circumscribing the stay to one neighborhood or crisscrossing the country, to each his / her own rhythm, to each his / her own prize.

Exchanges between the former laureates and the ones leaving are always possible, and may help prepare the trip – and above all, to create a network and to pursue the exchange well beyond the stay.

If you think your work would benefit from this field trip, please submit your application here.