One of the Piza Endowment Fund’s aims is the inventory and scrupulous study of the artist’s production for the establishment of its Catalogue Raisonnée.

It is difficult to estimate the exact number of his works, produced over 70 years of intense activity. We imagine it is somewhere around 7000 – although 100 per year seems below reality, given Piza’s abundant production.

His engraved work was already inventoried. It is therefore not considered in this project.

We would thus have « only » 6500 Cutouts, Warp and wefts, watercolors, erotic or geometric drawings, sculptures, reliefs and other mosaic-compositions to inventory… Measuring three meters or a few centimeters, they are to be found in France and in Brazil, but also in Russia, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, USA …

The paper edition of the Catalogue Raisonné, which Clelia and Arthur Luiz Piza held dear, will take years to complete. However, the research leading to its publication will be made public by an online Pre-configuration: conceived as a work in progress, it will regularly be modified and enriched in the light of the data gradually gathered by the Fund.