Established in Paris since the 1950s, Arthur Luiz and Clélia Piza have nevertheless kept strong ties with their native country for their entire lives: she, in the editorial field, he by regularly returning to exhibit his works, both by promulgating exchanges between French and Brazilian cultural circles in particular, Latin American ones in general.

Another constant trait characterizes their lives: the friendly welcome with which they always received young artists. Many are those – some of them not that young anymore– who are able to testify to the warmth and support found at the couple’s house, Dauphine street.

These two commitments – building bridges between their two countries, offering opportunities to young artists – are perpetuated by the Piza award.

Established by the couple in 2014, it is formulated around an exchange, a back-and-forth movement: a French artist leaves for a month in São Paulo; the following year, a Brazilian laureate is invited for a month stay in Paris.

It is short, but it is intense. Above all, it is the basis of a network between artists from the two countries, which Clelia and Arthur Luiz dreamt fruitful.